“I would give Justin a MILLION STARS if I could!!! I cannot be more grateful. I had a different HVAC company come out to do an estimate for a furnace cleaning and air purifier installation and an hour later my furnace quite suspiciously stopped working. It was 6 pm in January a day after our subarctic freeze and the temperature was 40 degrees and falling fast. My pipes were likely to freeze if I could not get the furnace on again. All the HVAC techs were booked. While the suspect HVAC company told me they would charge me a nightly dispatch fee and an hourly rate to investigate what happened, Justin at Tri Peak Air walked me through how to open up my furnace to see whether the previous tech had purposefully disconnected the wires to try to sell me a new furnace. And sure enough… there was one disconnected wire.

Justin saved me from having to pay hundreds of dollars to get my heat back on, and possibly saved my pipes from bursting as well. He Is HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and CONSCIENTIOUS!!! I am SO GRATEFUL to Justin at Tri Peak Air!!!”

– Sarah H.